Ischrak Nitschke | Hair & MakeUp

L'Officiel Italia • Make up only
Photos • Mattias Björklund
Times Magazine • Make up only
Photo • Dan Beleiu
Document Journal • Make up only
Photo • Caroline Mackintosh
Outtake german Glamour
Photos • Vitali gelwich
Elle italia • Make up only
Photos • Mark Pillai
italian L'Officiel • Make up only
Photos • Marcus Schaefer
sentimental • make up only
Photos • Markus Pritzi
Dansk Magazine • Make up only
Photos • Max vom Hofe
Punkt Magazine
Photos • Yves Borgwardt
Dansk Magazine • Make up only
Photos • Jana Gerberding
CAP 74024
Photos • Davit Giorgadze
L'officiel HOMMES • Make up only
Photos • Jana Gerberding • make-up only
photos • Tom Blesch

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Ischrak moved to London to study Hair and Make up at London College of Fashion. After spending several years abroad she returned to her home town Berlin where she is now based. She has been working in the fields of fashion, advertising and beauty since 2008.

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