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Katharina Bohm is based in Berlin.
With her camera, Katharina followed traditional crab fisherman in the mudflats of Belgium, explored the wild countryside of northern Russia and lived with traditional farmers in the mountains of Switzerland. Katharina was born in East Germany and grew up in Berlin. She studied visual communication and specialized on photography since then.  Her work focuses on portraits, reportage and food photography. She is doing commercial as well as editorial work. But her commercial work always has an editorial touch. She loves to work closely with people, listening to their stories, exploring their world. To look closer at things, leave no stone unturned. Katharina is an avid traveler with a special love for the great outdoors. If on her way or in her work there’s a problem to be solved, she will tackle it. (Do you remember MacGyver? Just like him, she will find a way to solve it.)


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