Lorena Maza

Lorena was born in Argentina and grew up in Berlin, were she is also based. she embodies the practice of mixing, and brings a panoramic signature to fashion styling which draws on the sensations of Latin America, the grit of Berlin’s street underground and the elegance of the Rive Gauche. Details feed into the styling language Lorena perfected during four years where she led fashion coverage in Sleek magazine, first as assistant and the graduating to Fashion Editor. Currently she is working for Lófficiel Hommes Germany as Contributing Fashion Editor .

Photographer: Alexander Gnädinger, Amos Fricke, Ben Fuchs, Benjamin Hartwig, Christoph Wohlfahrt, David Bornscheuer, Detlev Schneider,  Jana Gerberding, Jesper Lindström, Jürgen Teller, Nicolas Kantor, Patrick Houi, Peter Kaaden, Sabrina Theissen, Sina Görtz, Thomas Leidig, Walter Pfeiffer, Willem Jaspert