Jo Jankowski

was born in Ulm. He did a classic ballet education 1979 to 1985, with Katharina Krummenacher. 1985 he started to study photography at the University Ulm, later in Darmstadt where he accounted with the diploma in photo-design (Prof. Dr. Hans Puttnies). After traveling to NY and Russia for work, he started working with commercial and editorial clients in 1999. Ever since then all his attention was directed to black and white people-photography. After working in Frankfurt/Main and Hamburg, Jo is now berlin-based and married with three children.

Clients: Rheinische Hypothekenbank, Manager Magazin, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Bahn, Consors, Credit Suisse, Hornbach, Schweiz Weltwoche, Schweiz Migros, Oesterreich Skandia, ore TV Italien, Hamburger Gaswerke, Radio Bremen, Nikon, Die Zeit, Allegra, Brigitte Magazine, Sueddeutsche Magazine

Exhibitions: 1995 Kirova, Dokumentahalle | Kassel,  1996 Lakonika, fine art Christel Zilinski | Hamburg, 1998 Pragmatika, fine art Christel Zilinski | Hamburg, 2005 another street in Berlin, Walden | Berlin, Hamburg, 2013 Suckling Years, Friday Rewind