Claudia Scholtan

After finishing her marketing and communication studies in Hamburg Claudia interned for a fashion photographer where she found her passion for styling. She started her career in fashion at Young Miss, followed by Brigitte, Maxi and Elle Magazine. She also was the fashion director for Women Magazine as well as the deputy fashion director for Tush Magazine. Since 2007 she works as a freelance fashion and advertising stylist. 

Photographers: Anna Rosa Krau, Ben Lamberty, Christophe Kutner, Ellen von Unwerth, David Bellemere, Felix Lammers, Henrique Gendre, Hunter & Gatti, Jo Jankowski, Jim Rakete, Joachim Baldauf, Jonas Bresnan, Koray Birand, Marcus Ohlsson, Markus Jans, Markus Pritzi, Mark Pillai, Oliviero Toscani, Stefan Indlekofer & Claudia Knoepfel, Roxanne Lowit, Ralph Mecke, Stefano Moro, Stefan Heinrichs, Stratis & Beva, Timothy Barnes, Thiemo Sander, Tina Luther, We have seen, Vincent Peters ... and more