Anna Rosa Krau

*1976, was raised in a farmhouse in Bochum/Ruhrgebiet

Still in Highschool, at 13, she began a career as junior ballett student at Folkwang in Essen-Werden. This eclectic mix of a post-industrial "Ruhrgebiet"-upbringing, into a heavily creative family background, has shaped most of her artistic approach. It still is a strong source of inspiration that helps turn her work into an equally powerful and poetic visual language. Up to this day movement, grace and fluke are the most important ingredients to her editorial work. From time to time a little ballett move also comes in handy to cheer up the team on a long day of advertising work ;). 

Anna Rosa came straight out of photography college when she met Klaus Stiegemeyer and joined the agency, at the very beginning. In the meantime she has lived in Germany, America and England. From there she has worked for clients around the world: America, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, ...

But is now back in Berlin.

She also recently started to teach photography at an art college and enjoys this new challenge of teaching and beeing taught a lot

Clients: Dutch Glamour, German Grazia, Tush, Annabelle, Myself, Cruba, Audi, Campus, Schumacher, Ludwig Beck, Martha Stewart, Sévigné ...